How to convert share youtube playlist to social

Do you want to expand your business? Sharing YouTube playlists on various social networking sites such as facebook, twitter etc is a great way for growing your business across the world. Moreover, there is no need for visiting these sites to post your playlist as YouTube allows you to do this task directly from your playlist page thus saving your time.
Steps for sharing YouTube to mp3 playlist:

**Step 1:-**The first and foremost thing is to visit the website of YouTube and sign in to your YouTube account.

**Step 2:-**The next step is to tap the button lying at the top right corner of page and displaying your username. On clicking it, a horizontal list of thumbnail images representing your playlists will be appeared on the upper part of the page.

**Step 3:-**After this, click on “Share” button that lies below the playlists. When you will click this button, a panel will open containing a URL and many social media buttons pointing out Google+, Twitter and Facebook. If you want to see more social networks then you can tap “More” button.

**Step 4:-**Now click on the desired social media button for sharing the playlist. After that, a page will open allowing you to post your playlist on the website.

**Step 5:-**It is advisable to review all the details given on the page before clicking the button that will post your playlist as different social networks have different ways of revealing their buttons and web pages.

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